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2017 Newsletter



Hall Family-7Hall Family-7

Let’s create art!

Starting now, not only will your sessions come with “look at the camera and smile” shots, but also artsy and creative poses and angles!  I have been learning a lot of new techniques that I can’t wait to put to use. I want to capture the real emotion and love that your family has. Full sessions will also come with ALL of your good quality images. Also, a black and white version along with the color version.  When I say ALL of your GOOD quality images, that does not mean every image that I snap...that means every image that I see as a keepsake memory.  Anything that I see on a wall or in a photo album will be included. Bloopers and all ;)


JHP is officially introducing an awesome VIP program! To become a VIP client, you must be loyal to JHP and book at least 3 sessions a year and then be loyal to JHP. Being on time to each session with proper payment is a must, to maintain VIP status. VIP clients get first chance at booking themed Mini Sessions and also get more discounts. Some Themed Mini sessions will come with a gift for VIP clients.

JHP appreciates amazing clients so much and wants to show appreciation!


New for 2017 is that JHP will have set schedule of office hours. I will be in office Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday evenings. Editing, answering emails, scheduling sessions, print/canvas orders, etc. will be done on these days only. Sessions will be available mainly on Saturdays although Standard and Full sessions have more availability. Also, as always, email is the BEST way to contact JHP. It keeps all communication in one place and easy to find. Organization and communication are so important to JHP. Excellence in customer service is VERY important to me!


Also new for 2017, JHP has set up a great new workflow program that will help me maintain business and have time with my family. This workflow will automate contracts, invoices and gallery emails. Invoices will be paid through PayPal and will have a 5% fee added. VIP clients are allowed to pay via check or cash.


Mini Sessions for 2017 will be at least one day a month. There will be a themed set(s) and a Birthday set.  For those of you who like Birthday Mini Sessions, this is what you will want to book. It will be a Birthday themed set and will come with the best 5 images available by download. If you are interested in a Birthday Mini Session, please let email me now and let me know for which month. A cake/cupcake/donut smash can be added to one of these sessions for a small additional charge.


JoshAmberFamily-01JoshAmberFamily-01 Sallenbach Corn Crib-4Sallenbach Corn Crib-4 Bohannon-1Bohannon-1 IMG_0030IMG_0030 Fields Fall 2016-02Fields Fall 2016-02



These are the things that I would LOVE to shoot in 2017:

*Fresh 48 Sessions

*Surprise engagements

*Carnival session

*Twins/Triplets Session

*Best friends session

*Ice cream shoppe session

*Candy store session

*Smoke bombs session

*Pirate(s) on the beach

*Mermaid(s) on the beach  


If any of those ideas intrigue you, please email to set it up!   Also, if you have a unique idea for a photo shoot, please let me know!

I LOVE creating unique sessions and images!!



IMG_0156IMG_0156 IMG_0024IMG_0024
Barrett 9m-7Barrett 9m-7 Sparkman Fall 2016-15Sparkman Fall 2016-15 Vincent-1Vincent-1




Email is REALLY the best way to communicate for me. It keeps all of our communication in one place. Also, it is the fastest way to reach me.





Sallenbach Corn Crib-18Sallenbach Corn Crib-18